Breakfast faves

Thank god it’s Friday! Can’t wait to do some baking and try out some new recipes this weekend. I love doing this, and have found some great things that I’ve added to the food repetoire – and have had some epic failures too (Chickpea blondies anyone? I sooo wanted to love these, and sort of pretended I did, but urgh, do NOT recommend!!)

I did an an awesome shoulder workout last night. I was always one who was a bit iffy about this in the past… I got over the ‘weights will make me bulky’ misconception a while ago, but didn’t want to look ‘butch’ around my shoulders, and still undecided on traps. But, I was looking at blogs and pinterest and decided I like defined shoulders. Really like, and want to work on mine. Seeing Michelle Bridges on tv last night in an interview sealed the deal. She looked amazing!

This post was meant to be about my breakfast favourites though. I love overnight oats. So yum. Lately I’ve been loving different combinations of fresh blueberries, chia seeds, PB2 (powdered peanut butter with SO much less fat and calories  – RECOMMEND, craisins, nuts. I also add some flax seed oil to my oats, but last night I had it on salad with dinner.And of course, I have my green tea. I drink copious cups of green tea, and lately I’ve been having green tea with peppermint to change it up. Equal also do little Stevia tablets, which are great to take out and again, I use these to switch up the taste of my green teas.

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