To fast or not to fast….? Advice

So, this morning I did fasted cardio. I have issues with this? I’ve read lot’s about it, cardio on empty burns your fat for fuel  – but I find I don’t go as well, as hard. I usually run a minimum of 30 mins but somwhre between 30-45 mins, and walk the rest, but today I was struggling at 20 mins! I don’t know if I ran out of ‘oomph’ or it’s a mental thing and I have to power through.Can anyone give me any advice tips? What works for you?

When I first stared my fitness and weight loss journey I could barely run  5 mins – so I’m doing well for me! But I was really fruserated struggling at 20 mins this morning.

Anyways, in other news yesterday we ordered pay-per-view UFC 152. Go Bisping!!! He smashed it. Love the UFC and Bisping is my fave.


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