Lorna Jane Active Nation Day events

I was too lazy to get up for cardio this morning. I was up at 5:30am but it was raining and soooo nice to lay in bed and I thought that as there’s a public holiday Monday I’ll do extra then! Not sound logic I know!

Add to that last night – two glasses of wine, then nibbles – chips! Bad 18 hours I’ve had. I remember reading somewhere that you should think of every three hours as a new ‘day’, so that if you stuff up (wine, chips, other snacks, skip the gym etc) you don’t write that day off as a blow out and basically go for it. Think what the hell – I’ve stuffed up so I may as well have that extra square, row, block of chocolate now. Really good in theory. Can be hard to apply in reality, to adjust your mind to thinking that way. I haven’t managed it yet.

Lorna Jane

This Sunday is Lorna Jane Active Nation Day, with a whole bunch of events all over Australia – including free bootcamp sessions.

There are details here, for events in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and NT. I LOVE Lorna Jane and will probably go to one of the events & wear that cute little pink bracelet. And my ‘training’ tanktop, don’t know which tights or trainers yet. I know it’s not about the outfit, but it is Lorna Jane, so sort of is!


Oh, and a couple of night ago I made the Lemon Bars from the recipe I posted… hmmmm. terrible! What a disaster! Some of the complete disasters that I’ve had recently with healthy recipes are starting to make me doubt my kitchen prowess! A few protein pancake fails, the lemon bar episode. Seriously¬† I can’t even describe how bad they were. I wish I took a photo of the awfulness that was! If anyone ever attempts this and succeeds I would LOVE to hear from you!

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