Alcohol and exercise… no go!

I drank last nig ht, not a lot as it’s been ages since I last had any booze, but I had about 6 drinks (to me that’s not a lot – but I am Polish, hahaha). I also smoked – terrible, but I can be a bad, bad person when drinking. Much worse then I was last night which was the tamest, but since I’ve been on my health kick also the most rotten. I did no exercise and and ate, but it was bbq – shaslicks, steak and salad so far from tragic. And a prawn cocktail for lunch, I know the sauce on it isn’t great.

I’ve got a visitor here, so am going to ‘rest’ the food diary for a week, and try to be mindful of what I eat. Wish me luck! I’m scared, as it’s been my saviour/obsession. I had reached a mini-goal on Saturday morning before this all went down, and I don’t want to be hating it come next Saturday. Eye on the prize baby, I only got one mini-goal to go before I reach my goal. I will post progess pics …. as soon as I get the courage to.

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