Drinking AnTEAoxidants

I love my tea. Being Polish, we drink a lot of tea, usually black, but lots of great herbal teas that I love and drink all the time. My favourite would have to be Rosehip tea, so tangy and delicious, and when sweetened it makes a great snack substitute. Since I’ve been on my weight loss and fitness journey, I have consumed soooooooooo much tea. I find that it helps when I want to snack, usually at night in front of the tv, but also at work when everyone else is raiding the cookie jar. I hold back, then go once everyone has left and make myself a cup of tea, helps reduce hunger feelings until lunch. The up-side, apart from assisting in weight loss, is that there are also so many health benefits from all the teas I drink.

Rosehip tea is loaded with vitamins, especially vitamin C, helps stimulate the immune system, relieves urinary tract irritation and acts as a diuretic, meaning it helps flush water held by your body. The pectin also apparently binds with fats prior to absorption, so helping lower cholesterol and cleanse your intestines.

Green tea has well known health as well as weight loss benefits, which from my own experience I can testify to. It helps your body metabolise Glucose, loaded with antioxidants, as well as the big thing for me, stimulates your metabolism.

One that many people may not be as familiar with is Jagodowa herbata, which I only saw on the box when I was taking a pic is Bilberry Tea. Learn something new everyday. Bilberry tea is also rich in antioxidants, and the main benefits are to improve vision (although I recently had an eye test and am waiting for my glasses  – still. Actually, the eye test was a while ago now and I bought and paid for my glasses online, saving a dollar, getting a whole lot of hassle. Terrible service Vision Direct, although that’s a whole other story!), digestion and circulation and fight heart disease and diabetes.

There are so many other great teas, next time you’ve got hunger pangs and want to satisfy them, your sweet tooth, get some anTEAoxidants, sip on some tea!

My favouritres:

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