What a beautiful post… All girls should read it.


The Under Armour What’s Beautiful campaign has been causing quite a buzz in the fitness industry lately. Woman from all over have been committing themselves to live a healthier lifestyle by achieving a goal they never thought possible or one that they never had the motivation to go out and accomplish.

Bless this campaign.

I love it.

To all you woman who already appreciate your body and love yourself for WHO you are, congratulations. You’ve achieved a feat it takes some woman a lifetime to achieve. If you love yourself unconditionally, no matter what shape or size you are, then your life must be feeling pretty fulfilled already.

That’s an issue in society today that needs a serious makeover. Self-esteem. Self-worth. Self-value. Self-this/Self-that. The body is more than what society says it is; I believe it deserves much more credit. It can do things, be things, make things…

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