Pocket Yoga

So, as mentioned I have found my motivation and am back in the sing of things. I did a beach walk, back and bi’s and tried the pocket yoga app for the first time – I am in love! Soooooo good, has any one else used this? I highly recommend it. I did it in a hot room and didn’t turn on the fan or air con, told myself this way it’s kinda like a hot yoga. I wasn’t expecting that much from a yoga app, but man was I wrong. I know my aunty said it’s awesome, but she does a lot of yoga, while for me it’s been a while so I was worried that I won’t remember poses, or it’ll just say names, or be hard to follow, but it was simple to follow, and clear, and is great for beginners, as well as those who practise often. It gets my seal of approval for sure.

Love ❤

I did the Ocean setting, and did it for 30 mins (it’s been a while, like I said). I think next time I’ll do longer, and might try Mountain, desert sounds a little boring.

What are other good fitness apps you love? I haven’t been huge on this before, but now this app has made me open to it, and I’d love some recommendations, if you have them.

4 comments on “Pocket Yoga

  1. Hi there. Remember me. I need to start blogging again. I was thinking of you, This workout was created by some friends of mine in the California area. I think you would like it. http://thefitink.com/2012/free-fat-loss-workout-ebook/
    Also, I was thinking – I noticed your post about motivation. I’m having the same problem and have been off and on for awhile. Probably why I stopped my blog. I’m thinking about doing a mix of things. What do you think? Like a couple intermittant fasting days, I’m going to try to eat maybe 10:30 and 3:30pm those days. A couple very low carb/low sugar days and at least one what I call WE “WhatEva” days and so on. You know what I mean, like setup a calandar for the week and mix it up. I feel that when I try to do one thing for too long (like very low carb), I just can’t do it long term. Anyways, just thought I’d throw the idea out at ya.

    • Hey, I’ll check it out, thank you for that. I’ve never done intermittent fasting, not sure it’d be my thing, but I do low carb and no sugar days. Not really inentionally usually they just happen. I think the best is to keep with a way of eating that is long term sustainable.

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