No posts but still on track

I haven’t done a post in a bit but I’m still on track, haven’t passed out in a donut fueled eating frenzy or anything! I have been doing my morning card- except today where I’m waiting to get on a boat. Island life for me for next few days!!! Fishing and 4WD’ing, an adventurous few days, so I thought I’d update before I go as I prob won’t there. I do feel a but fat, diet hasn’t been amazing lately. I’m a bit out of routine, I miss my oats for brekkie, my green teas multiple times per day, my healthy dinners. Last night had crappy thai takeout, night before a pub steak & chips, fish burger and chips before that, and so on. At least I have my morning run and my apps to help things not get totes tragic!

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Routine is my friend

Having a routine on holiday may seem like the last thing in he world anyone would want, but it’s definitely my friend. Getting up at 5 to do some cardio, half hour run this morning, followed by an active day on the beach and I’m feeling ok in a bikini again. Another plus- on my morning route I stopped at Starbucks and tried the heaven that is a Gingerbread latte. Oh My Fuck is this the bomb!!! Amazing, love love love it, and I’m normally a plain latte girl and NEVER do flavored coffee. Anywho, I’ve just got mine now and am off to the beach with it. So happy ❤

Another good day

Again, I have started the day with exercise, getting into a rhythem on holiday.

I got up and did a fast pace walk this morning, and had a coffee and a peach Chobani for brekkie. Um, all I can say is YUM! It was the first time I tried Chobani, and it’s really nice, I kept seeing it mentioned on all your blogs and when I saw it at the shop I thought why not. I am converted.

Going to a surf club for lunch and drinks soon, but I have been really controlled when drinking, max of three drinks, and spaced with water every time, and will get a healthy option there, maybe some fish and salad.

Might even treat myself to another Froyo…. Mmmmm, peanut butter Froyo. Love ❤


That’s more like it!

Thank goodness today has been a much, no MUCH better day! I knew I was going shopping for a new bikini today, and I hopped out of bed bright and early at 5am and got some cardio done. An hours worth, then had a quick coffee for brekkie- not good, I know, I never miss breakfast normally, but wanted, no make that needed, a flat stomach to if I was to stomach myself in a bikini! Then, nice beef salad for lunch with lettuce, carrot, mint & vermicelli noodles, and a FroYo to die for as dessert, hit the beach after for the rest of the afternoon. Feeling happier, and thank fuck I don’t have to log on to report another slothful day of drinking, no exercise & terrible food choices!

Oh dear… Day 3… Calorie overload and no exercise!

Day 3 of eating too many calories, drinking alcohol & no exercise at all. Shit shit shit. Going out to dinner tonight and put on my skinny sass & bide jeans JUST IN CASE I can’t fit back into them! How totally depressing, well not really, I’m having a blast and not really giving a shit. I will do my 10K trainer along the beach tomorrow morning though- check this space for a confession if I bail on it!!!

At McDonald’s

I’m sitting at Maccas writing this, how funny, updating a health and weightless blog from McDonald’s! I’m only having a coffee though, so all good.
First night of road trip to our first destination done last night, only a short day of driving today and tomorrow we will be at our first destination, can’t wait! Exercise wise not much can be done on these driving days, so just gotta watch the food, which can be challenging when you’re stopping at dodgy petrol stations! I did ok yesterday though, Melbourne Cup today so a pub lunch on the cards, and maybe a punt. Wish me luck, and good luck picking a winner to anyone else. For ppl overseas, this post will sound so Aussie, Melbourne Cup is a HUGE horserace here ‘the race that stops a nation’. Get dressed up in your finest, it’s an awesome day even if you’re not at the races there are lunches all over the country at just about every restaurant and pub.

The best idea – I CANNOT wait to whip one up for myself!


I dropped in to the Craft 2.0 show yesterday at the St James theatre in Wellington. Everything in the stalls was gorgeous and just begging to be taken home. Sadly, my wallet’s been whimpering a lot lately and I didn’t have the stomach for a full-blown fiscal tantrum.

I was, however, inspired to get a little crafty. I had seen blogger Reese Kistel’s statement pillows a couple of weeks ago and decided I wanted to do something similar, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about it. After seeing the needlework on display yesterday, I figured an embroidered pillow case was the way to go. Practical. Feminine. And in this case, bossy.


If you’re interested in a step-by-step of how I did it, just keep reading behind the cut.

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Keeping fit while on holidays….

I AM SOOO EXCITED, I’M GOING ON HOLIDAY TOMORROW!!!! Cannot wait. I somehow have resisted the urge to pack early, and am doing it today, but I have started a couple of piles of stuff to take away on our beach holiday. Weeks of lazing, tanning and eating, so I have come up with a rough outline of what I’ll do while away to stay in shape. Having other guests that I haven’t seen in a while come to stay after we get back is extra incentive not to lose it all either.


I’ve been doing a 10K trainer app, which I’ve been enjoying. It’s meant to start for someone who does no running, but since I was already I am using it to increase my speed. I usually can jog, but it’s quite slow. I can go for a long time, so with this I’ve been actually running at a challenging pace. I started about a week and a half  ago (but didn’t do the rest days because I didn’t realise until all of a sudden it was up to week two after like 3 or 4 days), so I thought I’d get into the habit of going first thing when I wake up, easier to start a habit at home and continue while away, rather then trying to make myself start while away. Usually, previously the only thing I’d be considering before breakfast was whether it was ok to have a cocktail by the pool! I used to struggle with fasted cardio, but I think I’ve got used to it, and find my motivation to do it much higher if I go first thing, not negotiable. So, I thought I’d continue that, with the added bonus of doing it on the beach. Sand running is meant to burn 1.6 more kilojoules and use more muscles then traditional running on the road. Your legs work harder to keep balance on the sand, as it’s an uneven surface. It also is meant to strengthen foot arches and lower legs, and be less impact on your joints.

Swimming in the sea is also great for staying fit while away, burning through any extra kilojoules I consume. You also walk a lot more, and maybe some holiday dancing too. I’ve got a resistance band set I’ll take, and use my phone a lot. My beloved pocket yoga, as well as the nike app are great, and I’m going to aim to do either of those every second day.


I will be blogging less, but still aim to do it at least every few days. The whole point was to keep me accountable, and so while I’m away I’ll probably need to keep myself accountable even more so. Temptations everywhere, as well as the influence of others… I’ll need this to keep my willpower strong. Don’t want to fuck everything up in just a few weeks! Now, I’m going to pack… please keep checking in to read, I’ll need the support!


Chłodnik – Cold Beetroot soup recipe


Is a great Summer soup from Poland. It’s also a really pretty looking dish to serve for guests, and is really good for your, with plenty of herbs, beetroot, and natural yoghurt.

I highly recommend it


bunch of young beets with stems
2 finely garlic cloves
1 litre boiling water
Vegetable stock, or cube (Vegeta)
Spring onion
500g natural yogurt, buttermilk or kefir
salt & pepper, to taste
¼ lemon juice

4 hard boiled eggs
1kg baby potatoes


Wash and chop the beets and stems.Cut them quite small, you can even coarsely grate the beetroot.
Place in a large pot with boiling water, garlic, stock cube or Vegeta, and lemon juice. Cook covered until beets are al dente – just soft enough.
Remove from heat, then add half of your dill, half your parsley (reserve the rest for garnish), your spring onions and leave aside to cool down a little bit more. Add yogurt (buttermilk or kefir), season to taste with salt, pepper. Taste it, it may need a little sugar to balance the flavour. If the soup is too dense you can thin it with more hot water. Chill in fridge for an hour.

Hard boil your eggs

Chop and cook your baby potatoes, then put a little butter (optional) and sprinkle the rest of the dill on them.

To Serve, half your eggs, and put on top of soup which you sprinkle the rest of the parsley on, and serve the potatoes on the side, so they can be added by your guests themselves to the soup before eating.


Make 6 servings.

Healthy Travel snack ideas for upcoming holiday period

With my holiday rapidly approaching, I am thinking about travel snacks and healthy options. I’ve expressed some anxiety about my diet and routine suffering, and there are definitely some VERY unhealthy options in terms of travel food – whether it be airports, or on the road. It’s easy to not even try being health, but with the holiday season approaching I thought I would write about some healthy options.


Obviously – fruit. You can pre-cut it if that’s easier, but what better packaged option then a piece of fruit?

Yoghurt – A small portion sized container filled with some full fat greek yoghurt portioned out has an added bonus of probiotics which can help if you get uneasy in your stomach while travelling. I would get the small serves from a supermarket, but trying to find one that ISN’T REDUCED fat, and naturally flavoured is practically impossible. Plus, some of the sizes are more then 1 serve, so I bought these little stay fit containers, you freeze the lids to keep it cool, and you’re set.


Nuts – a small serve of nuts or trail mix is so handy to have, again you need to be aware of portion sizing, but they’ll help keep hunger and cravings at bay until you can get a proper meal.

Homemade muesli bars – I am making some with oranges and a little chocolate drizzled, yummm. There are some good natural bars you can get if you don’t feel like making them, I just don’t want something with too many additives.

I did consider some beetroot chips, organic and blah blah, but the sodium was ridics in them.


Because I am road tripping, I’ll also pack some crackers, like Vita-weats, or Ryvitas, with some avocado, or tuna that I can put together on the go for a bit more of a meal-y snack.