Healthy Hot Cross Buns recipe for Easter – and Easter eggs

Happy Easter everyone!

I found the below healthy hot cross bun recipe today, which I’m going to make this afternoon – better late then never – and it’s never too late to enjoy some Hot Cross Buns, especially when they look this yummy and healthy! There’s also a link to an Easter egg recipe in the article. It’s from Move Nourish Believe


Healthy Hot Cross Buns Recipe


hotcrossbuns_01 With a little good, there is always a little bad, or so they say.  But this Easter, don’t let the joyous holiday occasion be ruined by the guilt of gorging on gifted chocolate eggs and sugary Easter buns. Instead, make your own Easter treats!

*We have already posted some nourishing Easter egg recipes, and today I am bringing to the holiday table a healthy Hot Cross Buns recipe.

Commercial Easter buns are notorious for containing a foot-long list of ingredients, of which most would be highly processed, fabricated and harmful.  Our Easter buns, however, are extremely nutrient dense and are a good source of quality fat from the coconut oil, fibre and protein from the oats and spelt flour, contain natural and complex sugars from the honey, and are rich with protective antioxidants from the blueberries and dark chocolate.hotcrossbuns_07These buns, although quite dense, are just awesome.  The oats are imperative for the entire experience and mouth-feel of the buns, while the dark chocolate and blueberries make them sinfully tasty.

hotcrossbuns_02Gather you ingredients and get mixing. The mix should be quite sticky, add a bit more moisture if they do not roll into shape easily.

hotcrossbuns_03Spoon out the mixture and roll into a ball (portion size above). Drop on a tray lined with baking paper… now they are ready to cook!

hotcrossbuns_04Ummm YUM!! Leave these buns out to cool for about 10 minutes. Then you can add your special x marks the spot. The buns raise quite nicely, this is due to the baking powder we added to the mixture.

The most common raising agent used in baking is yeast.  Yeast produces a delightfully fluffy and light product, however, can be tricky to use.  So that’s why we have used baking powder. Baking powder is a pre-mixed combination of bi-carb soda (a weak alkali) and cream of tartare (a weak acid).  When this combo is provided with moisture (like when you’re forming your bun dough), gas is released forming bubbles, causing the dough to expand, and thus, rise.  The end result is a slightly raised bun.

hotcrossbuns_05A hot cross bun wouldn’t be complete without the cross. Using your tempered chocolate, in a piping bag, drizzle that decadent chocolate over the bun to top off your Easter bun.

hotcrossbuns_06VOILA. Would you check out those beautiful buns? DELISH. The best thing about this recipe is that it’s a totally acceptable treat for all year round, so you don’t need Easter as an excuse to whip this recipe up. Now that you are done, gobble them down on the spot or keep safe for the Easter long weekend to share with your friends and family. Enjoy!

Rhi’s Nourishing Notes:
  • Baking powder is similar to that which is added to flour to make self-raising flour.  Baking powder and self-raising flour are most suited to making products such as cakes and muffins, while yeast is preferable when making breads.
  • Choose an aluminium-free baking powder.
  • Baking powder does have a best-before date.  Over time the effects of the acid-alkali reaction will wear off, leaving the baking powder useless.  Replace baking powder at least every 12 months, as it is best used for only around the first 3-6 months after opening.

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