Clean Eating… my thoughts

I’ve read a lot about clean eating, people’s recipes and thoughts all the time, there are mag’s, books, e-books and guidlines, and I’ve been known to post some myself, and use the phrase on more then one occasion (see how many times I tagged). What do I really think about it? Bullshit! It’s such a load of crap that now someone thinks they’ve discovered America with this eating “revolution”. Every aspiring wann- be posts their own ebooks on it, as if they are something special, and like I said, I am guilty, have a look at my tags, I’ve done it, and probably will after this post too. A bit harsh I know, but I read all these young impressionable girls writing things to these gurus as if these people are god, some fountain of nutrition knowledge, when many (MOST) aren’t even qualified in any relevant field, and it makes me mad. Often, I feel like they’re been taken for a ride. Some of these ebooks on clean eating are just receipes that people have shared on blogs and various forums, and it makes me mad that someone packages them up and sells them to people who are often quite desperate, who look at their fit bodies and think if they buy the product that’s been flogged, whether a book, recipes, smoothies, protein powder, by a miracle this will instantly transform them. At the end of the day, it’s mainly diet, as well as exercise, nothing revolutionary there. The number of times I have read or heard people say “I don’t count calories, eat clean and you’ll be fine” is incredible! And too often, if you go by the definition of the term, these recipes include ingredients that are far from fitting that definition. Is protein powder really clean? How so? Too often they are actually using low fat,  or packaged, or ultra processed foods in the recipes or diets. What is clean about that?? Food should be plain and real as possible. I know when I first started trying to lose weight I was reading all of these things, and buying this crap, when all along I should’ve just listened to what one my aunties said – eat at home, eat like what we have always eaten, and just watch portions and you won’t get fat ever.

I think there’s something very unhealthy as classifying food as ‘clean’, therefore making the other food ‘dirty’. Guilt much? Does that sound like a recipe to a healthy balanced attitude to food to you?


Let me explain further. As I’ve mentioned, I was actually born overseas. When I go back  I have to say that there is a huge difference with supermarkets and people’s way of shopping, thoughts on food, and weight issues (prevalence of type 2 diabetes) is hugely different to here, the US or England (and I’m sure other places). In many places, you still go to a butcher for meat, greengrocer for veg, bakery for bread etc. The foods are more natural and real generally, rather then having to specifically seek out places that advertise as being ‘clean’. In a supermarket, for instance, I look at the milk or yoghurt, and it isn’t a whole wall with every imaginable fat free, added omega/folate/whatever, or minus whatever ingredient, it’s proper real milk and proper yoghurt. There are some skim options (sadly, more and more, and moreso in capital cities or other big cities that are becoming more westernised in food habits), but overall, it’s pretty much a difference in milk brands, or flavours, rather then messing with food too much. Lettuce comes as you would pick it, not all pretty in a bag, pre rinsed and cut etc. Same with most veg, rather then pre-cut, pre-portioned, packaged, with added whatever in it.  And, when I am there I don’t even buy skim milk, and yet every time I am there I seem lose weight just incidentally. Now, I know this isn’t just the food, it’s the way meals are structured and portion sizes, however trust me, anyone with European rellies will know – as the guest there’s no saying no to desserts, seconds, and there’s no holding back with foods. And, add to this that Polish food is not lean by any stretch of the imagination. We have amazing sausages, smallgoods, cakes, cheeses etc, and I love them all. Yet, as I said, I always every time without fail slim down there, and I look around and not only are there less overweight and fat people around, the ones who are aren’t grossly obese like you see here. If they are there, I have never seen even one. It’s no secret which nations are the top for obesity, and no coincidence that these same nations have similar attitudes to food, meals, portion sizing and an abundance of fat free, lite, low fat etc predominant on the shelves.

I am going cold turkey. For the most part, I don’t get fat free, but I do buy skim milk, and a few other things. No more. Done with that shit.

Now, I will probably contradict myself and post some recipes tagged clean in future, feel free to call me out on it, it’s a journey, but this is my thoughts today, and where I stand today on it. What are your thoughts on this?



juicing vs smoothies and exercise commitment

I just wrote a whole post, published it and ‘poof’ no where to be found. And I hate re-writing something that I’ve written, but am feeling motivated to post again luckily. It’s been one of those days, basically.

So, month two of insanity is still kicking my arse. I waxs walking up stairs today and my hammies and butt were killing me – but most pain is my chest. Never have I done so many push ups. I love the sore feeling though, so embrace this. Insanity is definitely the most engaging program I’ve ever done, but also the only one I’ve stuck to. I really can’t recommend it enough, it’ll be tough, but if you commit you’ll feel wild when you do it. I love sharing things I love, so have told all my friends to get into this!

I have made working out one of my priorities, just something that I do every day, rather then something I should fit in. I have a pretty full schedule, but it’s no reason to be slack and bitch about not being fit/thin/toned whatever it is you’re after. There is always someone busier then you. I have a friend with children, studies, works, has an active social life and house is always clean and tidy yet manages to workout daily. And good, tough workouts too. I don’t have patience for bullshit excuses of others, so try to not to it myself. And I reckon I succeed. If you want, you will find any excuse, time of day (too early, too late, too midday), just got home, just ate, just woke up, weather – too hot, too cold. I am already rolling my eyes at the thought of this bullshit, blah blah blah, have a whinge! Just don’t whing about body/fitness/health because it’s just bulshit.

On a lighter note, I brought the blueberry protein bars to uni the other day, and after begrudgingly sharing got asked for the recipe. Yep, they’re a hit. Trythem by clicking on this.

I was actually reading some of the emails I subscribe to this morning and looked at the Lorna Jane site, which had this awesome little piece on juicing vs smoothies. I’m a smoothie girl myself, last time I had a juice would’ve been over six months. I actually remember it, I was at the beach and got a fresh pinapple, watermelon, orange and beetroot juice ( the beetroot chucked in to make it a bit healthier). Delicious but I feel way more virtuous and healthy not to mention satisfied after a smoothie. I have them post workout usually, so many great combo’s I feel like one now just typing this! Anyways, have a lok at the below. What do you like? Juice or Smoothies?

Your Go-To Guide To Green Juicing & Smoothies

By By MNB TEAM | Posted in Nourish | March 13, 2013 | Add to favourites


Struggling to get enough fresh veggies in your diet?  Do you often feel a little bit flat and in need of a energy boost?  Looking for great ways you can get some nourishment on the run?  Don’t worry girl, because at MNB we’ve got you covered with this guide to green juicing.

It’s totally obvious we are crazy, obsessed about all things GREEN, especially of the smoothie or juice variety, so to get you all super excited about it too, we are going to break it down and explain the bounty of benefits that come from fresh juicing and smoothy-ing (we may have made up a new word).

So why are green smoothies and juices so good?

First off, smoothies and juices are actually very different.  Smoothies are made by completely blending whole fruit and vegetables into a thick drink.  Juices, however, are exactly like the name suggests, and only the ‘juice’ from the vegetable or fruit is extracted for consumption.

Therefore, the main nutritional difference between smoothies and juices is that juices contain no fibre. 

Fibre is a type of carbohydrate that cannot be digested by our bodies.  This means that it passes straight through our digestive system without being broken down and without contributing too much to calorie intake.  Although it cannot be digested, it is still an extremely important nutrient as it keeps our digestive systems super happy by promoting healthy stools and supporting beneficial bacteria in our gut.  Not only this, but fibre keeps us feeling fuller for longer.

So now we know what fibre is you may be inclined to think that smoothies would be the better choice over juices.  Smoothies are wonderful, but consuming juices has its benefits too.


So, there are pros and cons to both juicing and smoothies.  But which one should you choose?

Both are great to have on a daily basis, but there might be a few factors to take into consideration before you decide to juice… or blend those greens.  The next few scenarios may help you in your decision:

What will I need to start blending or juicing?

Unfortuantely, to get the most out of the fruit and vegetables, you do have to initially invest in nothing less than a good quality blender or juicer.  Some cheaper blenders will just not do what you want them to do without a lot of patience, pain and tears.  High-powered blenders however, get the job done in next to no time.

Centrifugal juicers are much more common, but do some research and shop around before you buy any machine.  Cold-press masticating juicers, although a lot more expensive, are sturdy machines and can last decades.

So, why go GREEN?

When shopping for green leafy veg, fresh is definitely best.  Avoid wilting, faded leaves and try to get organic, or at least local.  Give your greens a big wash, even if organic, before using to get rid of any nasties.

rhijuice_02This is MNB’s fave green smoothie combo. Super nourishing and jam packed full of green goodness!

Rhi’s Foodie Tips:
  • If you can, make a few smoothies or juices a day in advance, this will leave you with no excuses to not get those nutrients into you.
  • Start out slow.  At first aim for a fruit and vegetable ratio of 1:1 whether juicing or making a smoothie.  Then, slowly work your way down, getting accustomed to the taste, until you are using at least 3 parts veg to 1 part fruit.
  • Change it up every once in a while by having a different coloured juice or smoothie every day to experience the benefits of a variety of fruit and veg.
  • Use lemon or lime to prevent the discolouration of your drinks.
  • Store your drinks in glass for ultimate freshness.
  • Use the freshest of fresh produce to get the most bang for your buck.

back at last!

Ok, I know I’ve been MIA for sooooo long now so I’ll update as quickly as I can. After we got back from holiday we had guests stay for a while. During this time my diet and exercise lapsed big time! Like, tragic. I was doing nothing exercise wise but the truely ghastly part was my diet. One example- I tried chocolate with popping candy for the first time and took a liking to it!! Since my last update I’ve also moved house and starting a new job soon- hello beachfront living! Well, you can’t be fat and lazy living right on the beach, so I’m happy to report that as of the 31st I’m back on track. To be honest, the damage done during my rotten stage hasn’t been that bad weight wise. Yeah, there’s a bit extra fat but not nearly what you’d expect in proportion to my badness. My skin was even looking  great, better. It was the first time I went for a run and felt so fat and slow that it hit home. Anyway’s, I just got my new internet connection stuff delivered today (after a month grrrrr) so I’m back to blog. And, thank goodness I’ve been running every evening, 1 hour walk in the morning on the beach and my food is normal again, no more popping  rubbish chocolate! I have lost my gym through moving, but not going to join another until about march, so have to find alternatives for now. Was thinking maybe doing a program like insanity or something? Not sure yet, but will update details soon. Now, I’m going to read some of my fave blogs, yay to being back online not just on phone anymore!

No posts but still on track

I haven’t done a post in a bit but I’m still on track, haven’t passed out in a donut fueled eating frenzy or anything! I have been doing my morning card- except today where I’m waiting to get on a boat. Island life for me for next few days!!! Fishing and 4WD’ing, an adventurous few days, so I thought I’d update before I go as I prob won’t there. I do feel a but fat, diet hasn’t been amazing lately. I’m a bit out of routine, I miss my oats for brekkie, my green teas multiple times per day, my healthy dinners. Last night had crappy thai takeout, night before a pub steak & chips, fish burger and chips before that, and so on. At least I have my morning run and my apps to help things not get totes tragic!

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Another good day

Again, I have started the day with exercise, getting into a rhythem on holiday.

I got up and did a fast pace walk this morning, and had a coffee and a peach Chobani for brekkie. Um, all I can say is YUM! It was the first time I tried Chobani, and it’s really nice, I kept seeing it mentioned on all your blogs and when I saw it at the shop I thought why not. I am converted.

Going to a surf club for lunch and drinks soon, but I have been really controlled when drinking, max of three drinks, and spaced with water every time, and will get a healthy option there, maybe some fish and salad.

Might even treat myself to another Froyo…. Mmmmm, peanut butter Froyo. Love ❤


Healthy Travel snack ideas for upcoming holiday period

With my holiday rapidly approaching, I am thinking about travel snacks and healthy options. I’ve expressed some anxiety about my diet and routine suffering, and there are definitely some VERY unhealthy options in terms of travel food – whether it be airports, or on the road. It’s easy to not even try being health, but with the holiday season approaching I thought I would write about some healthy options.


Obviously – fruit. You can pre-cut it if that’s easier, but what better packaged option then a piece of fruit?

Yoghurt – A small portion sized container filled with some full fat greek yoghurt portioned out has an added bonus of probiotics which can help if you get uneasy in your stomach while travelling. I would get the small serves from a supermarket, but trying to find one that ISN’T REDUCED fat, and naturally flavoured is practically impossible. Plus, some of the sizes are more then 1 serve, so I bought these little stay fit containers, you freeze the lids to keep it cool, and you’re set.


Nuts – a small serve of nuts or trail mix is so handy to have, again you need to be aware of portion sizing, but they’ll help keep hunger and cravings at bay until you can get a proper meal.

Homemade muesli bars – I am making some with oranges and a little chocolate drizzled, yummm. There are some good natural bars you can get if you don’t feel like making them, I just don’t want something with too many additives.

I did consider some beetroot chips, organic and blah blah, but the sodium was ridics in them.


Because I am road tripping, I’ll also pack some crackers, like Vita-weats, or Ryvitas, with some avocado, or tuna that I can put together on the go for a bit more of a meal-y snack.




I am so so motivated!!! If I can do it you can too!

Lately, I have been slack with eating habits relaxed, exercise routine very sporadic. The number one reason for this blog is to keep me accountable, so there it is. I’ve blogged about my struggle with a plateau, losing my mojo etc. BUT- I will not give up! I am so close to my goal, and I WILL get there. I want to still lose about 5 kilos more and firm and tone up. Summer is around the corner, and come 2013 I want my body to be at a point I’m happy with, and can maintain. I am so close, and want to get there for once and for all! I got this, and if I can do it, so can YOU! 


Plateau bust & Mountain Bread sausage rolls

I’ve lost my mojo a bit lately. I dunno if it’s that there’s been a hiccup with my holiday plans, or that I’ve hit a plateau weight loss wise and don’t quite know how to bust it…. But I feel a bit hmph.. bleh… real articulate I know, but i’m sure you get the picture.

Any tips for breaking through the plateau? And, I really cannot imagine eating less calories….

I downloaded a yoga app that my aunty was telling me she’s in love with. It’s Pocket Yoga, has anyone tried this app? Thoughts on it? Apparently Miranda Kerr, my fave, uses it, and for me that’s a glowing endorsement for me 🙂

Anywho’s, the other day I was saying how I have been using Mountain Bread and got their cookbook. Well, I made yummy sausage rolls with it. It was a great dinner. I used some organic free range pork, just for a change, but you could use beef, turkey, kangaroo mince, whatever your preference is. I had yummy fresh italian herb mix in my mince, and then placed some in the centre of a rye mountain bread wrap, and rolled it. It said to use a little water to seal, but I found I had to use a LOT of water, like literally run the roll under running water and drench it! Then, I baked at 180 degrees, for 30 mins – but you have to keep a careful watch that it doesn’t burn. I served with salad, with a tablespoon of flax oil and balsamic for dressing. So yummy, and soooooo great to have a change from the usual. I hightly recommend trying it, the boyfriend loved them too, and normally doesn’t go near normal pastry sausage rolls as they give him heartbrn, but these were great!

DIY Manicure: Ombré Nails, try it!

This has been around for ages, but I have only recently started painting my nails anything other then clear polish, or none at all. I’m not a fake nails person, so nail polish chips and I don’t like it looking tatty, so rather have my nails natural. But I had time on my hands, and painted them and was happy with the result. Ombre nails are a gradient polish look, and easy to achieve at home Below are instructions on how-to do the ombre fade polish without a professional spray gun.
First, choose 2 colours, and paint your whole nails in the lightest colour. This is the most important thing – LET THEM DRY. If you’re like me, this will also be the hardest step!
Next, paint a sponge – any type, makeup, kitchen sponge, with the two colours, half one colour the other half in the other. I actually threw my sponge out, but found some pics of someone else’s to show you what I mean. Sponge your nails with the two colours until you achieve the gradient effect, and are happy with the fade. Then, put top coat on. The more layers the better, 2-3 even 4, because the top coat MAKES the look. Let it dry again, and enjoy! I use a cotton tip with nail polish remover to clean up after, as it gets messy with the sponging. Also, the look doesn’t work well with glitter polishes, I recommend using creamy colours. And, lastly, another tip is to use some plastic, either plastic wrap or a plastic sheet and mix your colours on there before putting them onto your sponge. A little goes a long way with the sponging.

My end result

The sponge part


That’s not my pic, but I didn’t take photos of this part and ditched the sponge after.


Give it a go, it’s a fun look and you can be as conservative or adventurous with the colour combinations as you like!


Liebster Blog Award

. Haha, I got so excited by this nomination, it’s embarrasing! I’m reasonably new to blogging and it’s my first times though… Thank you to Laura from fit and busy for the nomination!


first  facts about myself…

1. I am going away on a road trip beach holiday in a few weeks

2. I love keeping fit, and have lost A LOT of weight in the last year

3. I have a killer boyfriend (not a killer, but as in awesome, haha)

4. I am a qualified makeup artist

5. I love shopping, even grocery shopping

6. I have a weakness for Louis Vuitton and whatever, I LOVE the monogram

7. I was Manager of a modelling agency up until recently, and used to model and was even a beauty queen once!

8. I also have a weakness for reality tv, I love it. Addicted  – hook line and sinker

9. I was born in Poland and LOVE my home country

10. I love to read books, I am such a nerd and bookworm at heart

11. I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. I have had some epic failures from time to time, but I just love being in the kitchen


now, my questions to answer…..

1)  How much time do you spend Blogging every day? About half an hour, a LOT less then I do readingn others, haha.

2)  What is the one song that get stuck in your head all day after you hear it? Jenny from the Block, I heard it at the gym – on repeat and I was done for like a week!! I’m not even a huge fan or anything, arghhhhh drove me nuts and now as I type I can hear it in my head again!!!!

3)  What TV shows are on your DVR right now? Soprano’s from the beginning, Seinfeld, Kardashians, Survivor, Jersey Shore, Mob Wives, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. What can I say, I love tv!!!

4)  What is your favorite season and why? Summer time girl through and through

5)  What is your favorite brand of jeans? Has to be Sass and Bide. Or True Religion, but my fave all time pair is a pair of Lee jeans.

6)  Last movie you watched? Oh sh*t, I have to admit The Vow, but that doesn’t mean I liked it.

7)  If you could be any cartoon character, who would you be and why? Cindy-fuck*in-rella, for the happy ending. Also, even since I watched pretty woman never did I think I’d get to use that line, but there it is.

8)  Name one talent that you wish you had. I’m pretty talented, haha. Nah, I guess a photographic memory, or dancing.

9)  What is your best feature/ favorite body part? My boobs. Or abs.

10)  What did you eat for dinner last night? Shepherds pie made with turkey mince and a cauliflower mash on top. So yummy, I’ll post a recipe.

11)  Favorite childhood game?I don’t remember, but my favourite childhood Cartoon is Maja the Bee, Pszczółka Maja for anyone Polish. I remember going on holiday as a child and being AMAZED to find my favourite speaking another language. And having an argument with a friend who’s Croatian about her origins, each thinking that she was from our country. Turned out she’s from Japan.


My Nominations: (i’m not sure how many followers some have… I hope that doesn’t matter ), plus I didn’t want to double up too much with what i’ve seen on theirs already….

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Sorry If anyone’s already been nominated and done this already:)

Oh my goodness I’ve just realised I’ve answered the wrong flippin questions!! These are what I was meant to answer, not the questions that fit and busy was asked!!

  • What inspired you to start blogging? Accountability, definitely. That, and I love reading them, and great to have recipes all in my own little corner of the internet.
  • What’s your favorite food? I had this conversation at a dinner recently, my aunty and I both said bread, definitely without a doubt bread.
  • What’s your favorite exercise?
  • Where do you consider home? Where the heart is, awwww.
  • How many states have you lived in? I’ve lived in a few different countries and states!
  • What’s your favorite sport to watch? A few, Soccer (or Football depending on where you are) my number one, but I like tennis and UFC!
  • Do you have any pet peeves? Bad service!!!
  • If you could live anywhere, where would you live? I don’t know, I think I can live anywhere, so right where I am.
  • What’s your favorite way to relax? Trashy tv!!
  • What did you want to be “when you grew up” when you were younger? I wanted to model
  • Have you ever been skydiving? If not, do you want to? No, and no way! Haha, I’m NOT interested in jumping out of a plane!

My 11 to answer (as opposed to the 22 I just did!!!)

  1. What’s your favorite tv show?
  2. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  3. What is your favourite breakfast?
  4. What sort of holiday do you like? City, snow, beach etc?
  5. Last move you watched?
  6. Favourite thing about yourself?
  7. Pet hate?
  8. What’s your favourite music to workout to?
  9. What web sites do you like to use that are fitnes related?
  10. Favourite sport to watch?