DIY Manicure: Ombré Nails, try it!

This has been around for ages, but I have only recently started painting my nails anything other then clear polish, or none at all. I’m not a fake nails person, so nail polish chips and I don’t like it looking tatty, so rather have my nails natural. But I had time on my hands, and painted them and was happy with the result. Ombre nails are a gradient polish look, and easy to achieve at home Below are instructions on how-to do the ombre fade polish without a professional spray gun.
First, choose 2 colours, and paint your whole nails in the lightest colour. This is the most important thing – LET THEM DRY. If you’re like me, this will also be the hardest step!
Next, paint a sponge – any type, makeup, kitchen sponge, with the two colours, half one colour the other half in the other. I actually threw my sponge out, but found some pics of someone else’s to show you what I mean. Sponge your nails with the two colours until you achieve the gradient effect, and are happy with the fade. Then, put top coat on. The more layers the better, 2-3 even 4, because the top coat MAKES the look. Let it dry again, and enjoy! I use a cotton tip with nail polish remover to clean up after, as it gets messy with the sponging. Also, the look doesn’t work well with glitter polishes, I recommend using creamy colours. And, lastly, another tip is to use some plastic, either plastic wrap or a plastic sheet and mix your colours on there before putting them onto your sponge. A little goes a long way with the sponging.

My end result

The sponge part


That’s not my pic, but I didn’t take photos of this part and ditched the sponge after.


Give it a go, it’s a fun look and you can be as conservative or adventurous with the colour combinations as you like!