MMMmmm, my next smoothie. At the moment I am in LOVE with variations of Avocado smoothies but this sounds so yum!


Initially, this was a total smoothie flop. I added way to much nutmeg to the first batch, and nearly had to have the hymlyck. With the next try came a relentless bitterness- I added parsley (I hate raw parsley, and shouldve know better) and left out a sweetener. All in all, it was just a recipe for disaster…literally:)

But they say the third time is a charm, and after drinking this smoothie this morning, I have to agree! Warm notes of chai compliment the sweet banana and spicy cinnamon perfectly, while the almondmilk tones it down. Plus it’s packed full of greens and healthy fats. Sounds good to me!


1frozen banana

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

1 cup chai tea brewed overnight

1 tsp honey

Handful greens

1T flax

Almondmilk to taste

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